Posted by: sissillie | June 19, 2011

8 Things I Learned from Super 8

I went to see Super 8 this weekend and I loved it. I also learned some very important things:

1. There can still be original ideas in Hollywood.

2. Audiences don’t have to spoon-fed every detail in summer blockbusters

3. Kyle Chandler needs to be in more stuff.

4. Not getting a clear picture of a monster/alien/creature does not always make it more scary, but it does make it more interesting.

5. Sometimes the monster isn’t the most interesting thing out there.

6. Silver rubics cubes are too difficult to solve by humans.

7. When in doubt, blame the Soviet Union.

8. Zombie movies were better in the 1970s.


I forgot one that is probably the most important thing I learned from Super 8:

9. Vomit is always funny.

That is all. Have a nice day.


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