Posted by: sissillie | July 10, 2011

30 Day Running Challenge Day 2


I just got off the treadmill and oww…My hips are stiff and sore. However, my hips are always stiff and sore after I work out, I tend to take it as a good sign because at least then I know I’m working.

I decided to stick with the treadmill for now, for two reasons, my road has no sidewalk and is very curvy and dangerous and I don’t think getting hit by a car would be fun. And if I get into the habit of going downstairs for the treadmill I won’t be using bad weather as an excuse.

Some initial observation from yesterday: because I did my workout in the morning I actually felt like I had more energy and was more willing to do more stuff in the afternoon and evening. I didn’t do much, just a few sit-ups and stretching, but I felt less like just lying around on the couch for the rest of the day.

Now time for today’s stats:

Time: 20 minutes
Distance: 1.15 miles
Speed: Alternating 3-4mph every two minutes, except for the very end where it was every minute so I end on 3 mph
Calories burned: 256
Incline (I just found this and started playing with it today): 4

I tried to speed up with 5mph after the initial two minutes of 3mph, but it ended up being too fast too soon. My bad ankle started hurting after about 20 seconds and decided to just go back to what I did yesterday.

Now I need to shower and be less stinky. I feel like people would appreciate that.


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