Posted by: sissillie | July 23, 2011

Why the New Wonder Woman Show Failed

Really: just watch these clips and you will see exactly why it failed. It just screams the old failed Birds of Prey TV show that the WB tried to pull when Smallville was a success. The feel, the writing, even the look reminds me of the show that tried to destroy some of my favorite characters in the DC Universe.

Never before have I been happier to hear that a pilot failed after seeing these clips. My personal favorite is when Wonder Woman starts going off on saying ‘tits’ and ‘ass’ and then gets told that Wonder Woman isn’t vulgar. Did that woman not see the action figure they were trying to sell? Or the previous clip?

I’ll be the last person to complain about the skin shown in some shows like Game of Thrones and True Blood, but after reading those books they are staying true to the stories. The camera focusing on Wonder Woman’s bouncing breasts as she runs through the street and kicks people…not true to the character. She is suppose to be sexy, but she is sexy because she is a fierce warrior woman. Yes, Xena had moments where they focused on her body (just look at the opening credits and her putting on her armor) but that was not the focus. And Lucy Lawless commanded your attention and you could suspend your disbelief that she could be feared. This woman is not fearsome. She looks like a little girl playing dress up and trying to be Wonder Woman while the show exploits her looks. In fact the only way I would have found those clips to be believable is if they had a twist at the end of the pilot that she wasn’t actually Wonder Woman, Diana Prince, but Donna Troy, trying to be her big sister because that is sure what it felt like to me.

Don’t believe me? Check out the clip for yourself. But you have been warned.


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