Posted by: sissillie | September 16, 2012

Coming Back to Korea

I’ve been back in South Korea for 1 week now.  I’m mostly over my jet lag, have a killer sore throat, and have possibly lost 2 pounds having to climb up a really steep hill to get home every time I leave my apartment.  It’s too early to tell you how good/bad my job is.  However, it being a private academy and I’m not wanting to run away after this week like I’ve heard from some people over here, I’m taking as a really good sign.  Coming back to a country that I lived in and worked in for 3 years has been an interesting experience.  There is a bit of like going back in time and I’ve decided to look at it like going back to school.  

When I first came to Korea, I had no real plan or purpose to be here other than to work and to leave my home country.  This lead to me wasting lots of time not really doing anything and coming back home again only to do a few types of work that I really wasn’t enjoying.  This time the most important thing for me to do is to come back with a plan.  A working plan in progress, not just something that will hopefully work out in the end.  The economy is just not working in a way to allow that.

So this time Korea, I have an exit strategy before I even arrive.  I will get into a grad school or find a teaching fellowship.  Failing that, I will have work waiting for me.  Failing that, I will have interviews lined up in a city that I want to be in.  Not somewhere where I have to get an hour to be where I want to be, no the actual place so I can properly network and build that life.  Or failing that, I’m moving to either Thailand or Japan and never looking back.

I am aware that these things may change and probably will.  However, the key is that I am working towards these goals this year.  Instead of just enjoying life and thinking that something will work out when it’s time to go home.  I have realized that the time to plan is now and the time to work is now as well.  

However, that does not mean I won’t take some time to enjoy the view as I leave my apartment.



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