Well, I had an idea and here are the hopeful results of said idea.

Essentially insanity happened on Twitter a few months ago now and a friend of mine Kumar said he would finally bite the bullet and watch the first season of Star Trek.  This resulted in others saying they would bite the bullet and watch a movie they had been avoiding.  Having decided that I wanted to take part I was left with the dilemna: what on Earth do I choose out of this gigantic list of movies that I’m supposedly suppose to have seen but haven’t?

I ended up going with a movie that I’ve avoided for many reasons, but also a slightly random considering the list and ended up watching The Exorcist.  And I will be talking about that expirience soon.  I want to rewatch and take notes this time, so until then I shall leave my thoughts on that movie for later.

But after I finished the movie, I had an idea.  Why not continue this challenge?  I can go thorugh and watch, read, or listen to all “classic” media things I’ve been avoiding for a variety of reasons.  And not only that, why not make it so that other people challenge me.  Let them decide what I should expirience and have them give me reasons why I should.  If I decide to choose it then I will find whatever they reccomend and then write a review on the topic.

So, here it is people.  Your chance to challenge me to whatever your favorite movie, TV, album, book, whatever is and that you think is a crime that I haven’t expirienced.  And if you are wondering what I haven’t watched and you should pick…well pick anything because if it’s something that makes you go “OMG, you haven’t seen that?!” then chances are I haven’t.  Please also remember that I want reasons why I should expirience this too.  Don’t just tell me that I should go watch the Godfather…tell me why and convince me why I should spend 3 hours of my life watching it.  Feel free to email me, or to put it your reccomendations in the comments section.

And now, let the Media Challenge begin!


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